11 AI tools that will blow your mind
Published On: December 12, 2022

AI tools exist to make our lives 10x easier.

If you aren’t using them in your life and business, you are falling behind the curve.

Here are 11 of the best AI tools that will save you $$$s:

1: Make custom memes with Super Meme.

Lacking meme inspiration?


  • Write a sentence for the meme you want
  • Describe an emotion you want it to convey
  • Upload your own image if you want or use their suggested one

You have your very own custom meme in 2 minutes.

2: Restore old pictures with Hotpot.

Have an old family photo you’d like to improve in quality?

Upload it to hotpot.ai​


  • Remove scratches
  • Sharpen images
  • Repair gaps

Transforms your damaged photos and makes them as good as new.

3: Create amazing images with Dall•E 2.

Have an idea in your head for an image?

Try openai.com​

  • Type in the description
  • Be as specific as you can
  • It’ll search for existing images
  • Or generate brand new ones for you now

This is the AI stock photographer you always wanted.

4: Easily take notes with Sembly.

Need meeting notes but have nobody who wants to actually take them?

Use Sembly.ai​

  • Generates meeting summaries
  • Automates your minutes
  • Shares it with your team

Integrates across all platforms and you can organize it automatically into action points, themes, or a timestamped list of comments.

5: Check out your competition with Browse Ai.

Need info on your competitors?

There’s so much research potential in Browse.ai​

  • Scrape posts from Medium
  • Get lists of YouTube videos from other channels
  • Extract company info from LinkedIn

Now you have a wealth of info about your rivals at your fingertips.

6: Improve your public speaking skills with Poised.

Are you a nervous presenter?

Get public speaking coaching with poised.com​

  • Record yourself presentation
  • Get feedback on your tone, filler words, and confidence
  • Track your progress with subsequent presentations.

Watch your skills improve.

7: Separate audio tracks with Lalal.

Have a music track you want to separate?

Use lalal.ai​

Just upload the track

It extracts the vocals and separates it from each instrument.

Now you have single tracks of each elements and you can edit them on their own.

No need for fancy editing tools.

8: Edit out parts of photos with Magic Eraser.

Have a great photo but see that there’s something annoying in the background?

You can remove it easily without being fluent in Photoshop:


  • Upload the photo
  • Select the part you don’t want
  • Press ‘erase’

And voila. It’s gone. It really does seem like magic.

9: Create professional videos with Synthesia.

Need to create a video but don’t have the editing skills?

​synthesia.io does it for you

  • Add your text
  • Use one of their templates for quick design
  • Edit it as needed to make it just right for you

You’ll get an AI generated video within minutes.

10: Create unique music with Soundraw.

Need some music for your video?

Check out soundraw.io​

  • Choose the mood you want for your music
  • Choose the genre
  • Choose a length
  • Edit if needed

Suddenly you’ve created your own brand new AI music that you can use freely.

11: Create a new friend with Replika.

Feeling lonely and need some company?


  • Build your own AI ‘human’
  • The more you chat the more they learn
  • Express yourself and develop a human-AI bond

Is having non-human friends the future?

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